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Holistic Detox Intensive

Holistic Detox Intensive is designed to detoxify the mind, body, spirit, and emotions through a customized combination of our individual therapies:

Himalayan Salt Room Sessions/Halo Therapy
Thai Yoga Therapy
Sweat Lodge
Dry Bathing
Sound & Crystal Therapy

Kamut Grass Juice

For a description of the included therapies, click on the above highlighted therapies or scroll down below to read a description of the non-highlighted therapies.
                                                                                    Holistic Detox Intensive/$499 apx. 4 hours

Native American Sweat Lodge Hut

Our sweat lodge is based in the native american purification ritual.  The sweat hut is made of a geodesic dome and covered in locally and ethically sourced Sonoran red clay, extracted from the grounds of our property.  The sweat lodge may be used in increments of 30 minutes.  Regular sweat lodge visits promotes relaxation, pain relief, physical and energetic detoxification.  

Sweat Lodge Treatment: $140/30 min.

Thai Yoga Therapy

Thai Yoga Therapy can be performed as a passive modality; referred to as Nuad Boran, or an active modality; known as Reusi Dat Ton.  We offer Thai Yoga Therapy in its active form of  Reusi or Ruesri Dat Ton, often referred to as Traditional Thai Yoga.  Reusi Datton is a monk exercise healing system within Traditional Thai Medicine that assists in clearing blockages throughout the sen (energy lines).  Ruesri (hermit/sage) Dat (twisting/stretching) Ton (self), consists of a series of physical exercises and self-acupressure designed to harmonize a range of mind, body, emotional, and spiritual ailments.  The therapy offers customized instruction, based on the client's needs.  The therapist instructs the client on how to perform Traditional Thai Yoga postures, while applying self-acupressure along the sen (energy lines), and marma (acu-points).  General instruction is available in our weekly group classes.

In-Person : $180/1 hr

Remote therapy:  $100/1 hr. Contact us for additional information. 

Herbal/Nutritional Therapy

Our herbal and nutritional therapy is based in the ancient tradition of Oriental Medicine, and incorporates the use of herbs and foods from around the globe.  Assessments include the Eight Principle theory, to reveal clinical signs and symptoms of disharmony.  Our recommendations are based on the five element theory in relationship to the organs, and we will suggest the appropriate herbs and foods based on their quality; temperature, taste, classification, and energetic attributes.  We also include flower essences, essential oils, herbal salves, compresses, soaks and plaster  recommendations.  


E-mail: $120/Session

Live Audio Conference: $140/Session

In-Person:  $200/1 hr.

Dry Bathing

Dry bathing is an ancient practice of detoxification used across the globe by various cultures.  Wooden tubs are filled with local Sonoran red clay pellets.  The client will submerge in the natural warm clay, resulting in a gentle acupressure experience throughout the body.  The red earth clay when heated emits FIR (far-infrared) energy into the body, promoting circulation, metabolic efficiency, relaxation, rejuvenation, detoxification and pain relief.   

Dry Bathing:  $140/30 minutes

Sound & Crystal Therapy 

Our Sound & Crystal Therapy involves the use of crystal singing bowls, various palm size tumbled and pointed crystals and gemstones, gently placed on corresponding chakras (central energy centers) and acupressure points along the body.  The crystals remain on the body during the duration of the session, while the therapist gently strikes the crystal bowls in correlations to the main chakras.  The therapist also directs the energy using either the hands or crystal therapy wands hovering above the body.  The crystals may be slightly heated prior to placement to further emit far-infrared and ionic properties.  The therapy assists in clearing and balancing energy throughout the chakras and meridians (energy lines) of the body, supporting the health of the body's organs, clearing emotional and physical imbalances.  

Sound & Crystal Therapy:   $180/1 hr


Our therapists are highly trained and experienced in the  practice of traditional and non traditional forms of Reiki.  We suggest Reiki to those who are new to energy healing, due to its simplicity and ease.  Reiki therapy utilizes universal light, and is performed with simple hand postures that hover over or slightly touch the body along the major chakras, joints and main areas of the body.  The therapist will initiate the sessions with assessments to customize the therapy to address any issues of concern.

Reiki Therapy - On Massage Table: $120/30 min

Remote therapy:  $80/hr. Contact us for additional information. 

Thai Reflexology

The body's meridians culminate in the feet and hands.  The feet accumulates tension, strain, and toxins from the body's organs.  Regular reflexology treatments often provides relief from blockages and stress.  Our Thai reflexology session consists of an herbal and Himalayan salt foot and hand cleanse, proceeded by Tok Sen; Thai wood tapping acupressure along the sen (energy lines) of the hands and feet, along with with assisted yogic stretching of the feet, lower legs, and hands.  Thai reflexology often results in rejuvenation, tension release, and deep relaxation.  

On Therapy Table: $240/1 hr.

Qigong Therapy 

Medical Qigong Therapy is one of the original branches of traditional Oriental Medicine.  The therapy begins with a series of Qigong assessments to determine the customized Qigong forms used by the Therapist, to non-invasively clear the client's Qi (energy) throughout the meridians.  Meridians are cleared and harmonized using Qigong movements, breathing, and moxibustion.    Personalized Qigong exercises will be recommended to the client to practice in between therapy sessions. Medical Qigong can address a range of mind, body, and spiritual disturbances.  

In-Person : $240/1 hr

Remote therapy:  $140/hr.  Contact us for additional information. 

Clinical Hypnotherapy - A Guided Therapeutic Meditation

Our therapists offer a professional hypnotherapy service to clinically address any issues of concern through guided relaxation inductions, naturally accessing the theta and low alpha brainwave states, producing ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) effects, to effectively reprogram the subconscious mind.  The therapy allows the client to reprogram the subconscious mind through elemental and meridian based visualizations and sensations, to obtain mind, body, spiritual objectives.  The therapist will initiate the session with health assessments to customize the therapy to address any issues of concern.


Audio/Custom Recording: $120/Session

Live Video Conference: $140/Session

In-Person:  $200/1 hr

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