Earth Harmony Spa & Wellness A Holistic Day Spa Retreat featuring Himalayan Salt Rooms - Nestled in the Heart of Tucson, AZ


All in-person services are performed completely clothed and last approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour. Services are offered regularly at our Tucson, AZ wellness spa. Contact us prior to payment to establish an agreed upon time. Note: A minimum deposit of $50 is due for in-person services 3 days prior to appointment time. You may make a deposit or full payment on our website, or call in your payment. Refunds will be provided only if the cancellation request is received no less than 48 hours prior to appointment time, or canceled by the Therapist. You may submit a secure Paypal payment through the payment button located following the service descriptions below, or call us to make a deposit or full service payment.

Additional locations: You may request for an in-person service in other locations. Contact us to arrange an appointment and obtain a service price quote.

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* Services are provided by the available therapist. Services provided by Dr. Trinity Amun may be available upon request for additional fees.

*To maintain hygienic standards, all Himalayan Salt Room visits include a preliminary complimentary herbal and Himalayan salt foot and hand cleanse.

You may print and and sign, then fax, email or bring in the signed Release Form at the appointment time.  Release forms must be signed prior to proceeding with our services or classes.


Reflexology Dry Spa Baths 

The body's meridians culminate in the feet and hands.  The feet accumulates tension, strain, and toxins from the body's organs.  Regular reflexology treatments provides relief from the build up of toxins and stress.  

Far Infrared Dry Foot Bath utilizes natural FIR from dry heated Sonoran red clay .  Far Infrared therapy may help in fat loss, chronic fatigue, water retention, skin disorders, as well as in the elimination heavy metals, poisons, and carcinogenic material.

Ionic Dry Foot Bath utilizes heated Himalayan salts to ionize the body, producing relaxation, allergy relief, physical and energetic cleansing. 

*Clay and salt dry bath may be combined or separate.  *Preliminary treatment includes a complimentary herbal and Himalayan salt foot cleanse.

Dry Foot Spa Bath Treatment$80/30 min.

Treatment In Salt Room$140/30 min.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Our therapists offer a professional hypnotherapy service to clinically address any issues of concern through guided inductions, naturally accessing the theta and low alpha brainwave states, producing ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) effects, to effectively reprogram the subconscious mind.  The therapy allows the client to reprogram the subconscious mind through elemental and meridian based visualizations and sensations, to obtain mind, body, spiritual objectives.  The therapist will initiate the session with a variety of health assessments to customize the therapy to address any issues of concern.


Telephone/Audio/Custom Recording: $120/Session

Live Video Conference: $140/Session

In-Person:   $200/1 hr

In Salt Therapy Room: $260/1 hr 


Thai Hot Stone Reflexology Therapy

Our Thai Reflexology includes the use of heated Himalayan salt stones, local Mexican beach stones and Thai wooden pressure tools, pressed or tapped rhythmically along the sen lines and vital points of the feet, lower legs, hands and lower forearms.  Reflexology may effectively stimulate and harmonize all of the meridians throughout the body.  The therapy induces relaxation and revitalization of the body, mind, and spirit.  The therapist will initiate the session with a variety of health assessments to customize the therapy to address any issues of concern.  

*Preliminary treatment includes a complimentary herbal and Himalayan salt foot and/or hand cleanse.

Feet - On Table or Chair$160/30 min.

On Massage Table or Chair In Salt Room: $180/30 min.

Feet & Hands - On Massage Table$180/1 hr.

On Massage Table In Salt Room: $220/1 hr.

Clinical Herbal &/or Nutritional Consultations

Our therapists use a a variety of natural health assessments to determine imbalances throughout your meridians and organs,  She educates the client on the correct foods, herbs, and minerals to address associated physical/mental/emotional  deficiencies.  Foods and herbs are selected based on their  attributes, to harmonize your meridians, organs, and strengthen your Qi/Life-force. 


E-mail/Text Chat: $99/Session

Telephone/Audio: $120/Session

Live Video Conference: $140/Session

In-Person:   $200/1 hr


Gong Therapy / Gong Bath 

Gong therapy has ancient roots in the spiritual practice of monks throughout Asia. Our therapist use the symphonic gong, due to its wide range of harmonic and universal sound structures.  The fundamental tone is harmonized with the gong's complex overtones, dissolving unlimited physical and energetic blockages. Our therapists are knowledgeable of body, mind, spirit, and associated tones/notes.  Gong therapy entrains the brain into deeper states of consciousness, to further facilitate mind, body, emotional, and spiritual healing.  The therapist will initiate the session with a variety of health assessments to customize the therapy to address any issues of concern.  

On floor or table: $180/1 hr.

In Salt Therapy Room on floor or table: $240/1 hr 

Traditional Usui Reiki

Our therapists are highly trained and experienced in the  practice of traditional and non traditional forms of Reiki.  We suggest Reiki to those who are new to energy healing, due to its simplicity and ease.  Reiki is performed with simple hand postures that hover over or slightly touch the body along the major chakras, joints and main areas of the body.  The therapy is performed fully clothed on a treatment table.

Our therapists offer treatment sessions, healing attunements, and Reiki Healer attunements from levels 1 to 3. Note:  specify the type of attunement desired, during the payment process.  Certification and lineage available.

Distant Healing or Attunement (Sent at an arranged time with communication follow-up with one of the options below.) 

Distant Reiki Healing by E-mail/Text Chat: $120/Session

In-Person Reiki Therapy or Attunement - On Massage Table: $160/1 hr

In Salt Therapy Room - On Table: $220/1 hr