Earth Harmony Spa & Wellness A Holistic Day Spa featuring a Geo-Dome Himalayan Salt Cave - nestled In the Heart of Tucson, AZ


APPOINTMENT POLICY: All in-person services are performed completely clothed and last approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to appointment time, sober, wearing loose comfortable clothing, with no strong fragrances. To maintain the quality of our meditative environment, cell phones and electronics must be turned off prior to visiting our center. Do not bring valuables. We are not responsible for lost or stolen property.  No food or drink, including water, is allowed in the salt room. Shoes must be removed upon entering the center. Booking appointments will be confirmed by e-mail, text, or telephone. Picture IDs are required upon arrival.  Clients and students must be age 18 years or older.  Note: A minimum deposit of 50% of the service and/or class fee is due for in-person services/classes at least 3 days prior to appointment time. You may choose to make a full prior payment through our website, or call in your payment. Otherwise, you may pay the balance upon arrival. Refunds will be provided only if the cancellation request is received no less than 48 hours prior to appointment time, or cancelled by the Therapist.

Additional locations: You may request for an in-person service in other locations. Contact us to arrange an appointment and obtain a service price quote.

* Services are provided by the available therapist. Advanced holistic therapies provided by Dr. Trinity Amun upon availability.

*To maintain hygienic standards, all Himalayan Salt Pyramid Room visits include a preliminary complimentary herbal foot and hand cleanse.

You may print, sign, then fax, email or bring in the signed Release Form at the appointment time. Release forms must be signed prior to proceeding with our services or classes.

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One on one or group classes are available through our class page.

You may request for a heated 15" x 15" Herbal Himalayan Salt with Sonoran Red Clay Pillow (for temporary use during any of our services - may be placed above or below the body): $20 each


Dry Foot Soak 

The body's meridians culminate in the feet and hands.  The feet accumulates tension, strain, and toxins from the body's organs.  Regular reflexology treatments provides relief from the build up of toxins and stress.  

Our Dry Foot Bath includes heated Himalayan salts to ionize the body, producing relaxation, allergy relief, physical and energetic cleansing.  Sonoran red clay is also included in the mixture, naturally emitting far-infrared therapy, assisting in fat loss, chronic fatigue, water retention, skin disorders, as well as in the elimination heavy metals, poisons, and carcinogenic material.

Ionic Dry Foot Bath utilizes 

*Sonoran red clay and himalayan salt dry are combined in our heated vibrating treatment. *Preliminary treatment includes a complimentary herbal and Himalayan salt foot cleanse.

Dry Foot Spa Bath Treatment: $120/30 min.

Treatment In Salt Room (book salt room separately): $180/45 min.

Gong Therapy / Gong Bath 

Gong therapy has ancient roots in the spiritual practice of monks throughout Asia. Our therapist use the symphonic gong, due to its wide range of harmonic and universal sound structures.  The fundamental tone is harmonized with the gong's complex overtones, dissolving unlimited physical and energetic blockages. Our therapists are knowledgeable of body, mind, spirit, and associated tones/notes.  Gong therapy entrains the brain into deeper states of consciousness, to further facilitate mind, body, emotional, and spiritual healing.  The therapist will initiate the session with health assessments to customize the therapy to address any issues of concern.  

On floor or table: $180/1 hr.

In Salt Room (book salt room separately)$240/1 hr. 

Herbal Therapy

Our herbal therapy is based in the ancient tradition of Oriental Medicine, and incorporates the use of herbs from around the globe.  Assessments include the Eight Principle theory, to reveal clinical signs and symptoms of disharmony. Our herbal recommendations are based on the five element theory in relationship to the organs, and we will recommend the appropriate herbs based on its qualities; temperature, taste, classification, and energetic attributes.  Along with our recommendation for internal use of herbs, we also include external use recommendations of  herbal salves, compresses, soaks and plasters.  


E-mail: $120/Session

Live Audio Conference: $140/Session

In-Person:  $180/30 minutes


Far-Infrared and Ionic Herbal body Wrap
Our body wrap contains naturally ionic Himalayan salt and far-infrared emitting local Sonoran red clay, warmed to approximately 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  The body wrap is designed to increase circulation, enhance the metabolism, relieve muscle aches, reduce stress, and potentially aid in weight loss, while relaxing and balancing the mind, body, and spirit.  The client must arrive in comfortable clean clothing.  The salt, clay, and supporting aromatic herbs are enclosed within a heated 100% natural cotton vibrating case, and loosely wrapped around the entire body.
*Preliminary treatment includes a complimentary herbal and Himalayan salt foot/hand cleanse.

Body Wrap: $180/30 min.

Treatment In Salt Room (book salt room separately): $240/45 min.

Crystal Acu-Energy Body or Face Therapy 

Our Crystal Acu-Energy Therapy involves the use of various palm size tumbled and pointed crystals and gemstones, gently placed on corresponding chakras (central energy centers) and acupressure points along the body and/or face.  The crystals remain on the body for 30 minutes while the therapist directs the energy using either the hands or crystal therapy wands hovering above the body.  The crystals may be slightly heated prior to placement to further emit far-infrared and ionic properties.  The therapy assists in clearing and balancing energy throughout the chakras and meridians (energy lines) of the body, supporting the health of the body's organs, clearing emotional and physical imbalances.  

Face treatments includes the use of crystals that promote anti-aging effects, and the reduction of skin conditions due to stress.  The therapist will initiate the sessions with assessments to customize the therapy to address any issues of concern.

Crystal Acu-Energy Therapy:   $180/1 hr

In Salt Room (book salt room separately): $240/1 hr 

Crystal Acu-Energy Face Therapy:  $120/30 minutes

In Salt Room (book salt room separately)$200/45 minutes - $260(Salt Pyramid)/45 min.

Clinical Hypnotherapy - A Guided Therapeutic Meditation

Our therapists offer a professional hypnotherapy service to clinically address any issues of concern through guided relaxation inductions, naturally accessing the theta and low alpha brainwave states, producing ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) effects, to effectively reprogram the subconscious mind.  The therapy allows the client to reprogram the subconscious mind through elemental and meridian based visualizations and sensations, to obtain mind, body, spiritual objectives.  The therapist will initiate the session with health assessments to customize the therapy to address any issues of concern.


Audio/Custom Recording: $120/Session

Live Video Conference: $140/Session

In-Person:  $200/1 hr

In Salt Room (book salt room separately): $260/1 hr 


Himalayan Salt Stone Thai Reflexology

Our oil-less Reflexology treatments include the use of warmed Himalayan salt massage stones and Tok Sen; Thai wood tapping tools pressed ant taped along the sen (energy lines) of the hands and feet.  The treatments also involves yogic stretching of the feet and hands, with guided Thai yogic breathing practices.  The therapy is customized to harmonize imbalances, reduce tension and strain throughout the body through the acu-points, and energy lines that culminate in the feet and hands.  

*Preliminary treatment includes a complimentary herbal and Himalayan salt foot/hand cleanse.

Himalayan Salt Stone Thai Reflexology

$240/1 hr.

Treatment In Salt Room (book salt room separately)$300/1 hr. 

6' Copper Crystal Pyramid Meditation Therapy

Our Pyramid Meditation Therapy includes a Giza pyramid inspired 51.5 degree quartz crystal filled copper pipe pyramid, with crystals located in a grid formation.  The client may choose to meditatively lay or sit inside of the pyramid undisturbed for the duration of the session.  Pyramid meditations have been known to increase alpha and theta brainwaves, improve mental clarity, rejuvenation, harmonize and align the chakras, promote anti-aging, increase the recovery of injury, and more!

*Copper Crystal Pyramid Meditation may be included with our other therapies and classes.

Copper Crystal Pyramid Meditation: 

$40/45 min.

In Salt Room (book salt room separately)$100


Our therapists are highly trained and experienced in the  practice of traditional and non traditional forms of Reiki.  We suggest Reiki to those who are new to energy healing, due to its simplicity and ease.  Reiki is performed with simple hand postures that hover over or slightly touch the body along the major chakras, joints and main areas of the body. 


Email Correspondence:  $99

Reiki Therapy - On Massage Table: $120/30 min

In Salt Room (book salt room separately)$180/30 min 

Botanica Henna Designs

We offer custom henna designs done by the hand of our local artesian and henna artist, Botanica Henna Designs.  The henna paste is handmade, and consists of 100% all natural organic botanicals.  Entire hands, lower arms, feet, and lower legs designs are available.

* Henna designs range from a light orange to deep brown, and varies based on skin type.  We are not responsible for any allergic reactions or results of the henna designs.

Small Design/Base Price (2" x 2"):  $40.00 (per design)

*Larger designs are available, with pricing based on the size of the base price of $40.00 per 2" x 2" design.